TE Connectivity’s Push Grip Wire Connectors Make Splicing Wires Easy and Fast

I recently used Push Grip Wire Connectors from TE Connectivity for a home project that has been on the honey-do list for some time. I was going to be replacing ceiling mounted lighting with new recessed LED lighting. Most of this project was going to take place in an attic that had very limited space and I did not want to spend a lot of time rewiring the connections. Traditionally for wire splicing I’ve used wire nut style connectors, but I was never a fan using this type of connection. I didn’t believe them to be the strongest connection and it is not the best option for splicing more than two or three wires, so I set out to see what other options I had. After a quick search on Digi-Key’s website, I soon found a plethora of options for wire splicing, but one product image quickly caught my attention.

Digi-Key Part Number A124576-ND (Image source: TE Connectivity)

After reviewing the product attributes, I found it would meet the wire gauge I would be using with the capability of using wire from 22- 12 AWG. The connector is insulated and you can get versions that have two to six wire connections. They also come color coded based on size which I found useful to keep the ground and common lines seperated in my dimmer switch boxes. I found out the hard way that the Poke-in style termination is a very solid way to make a wire splice, so be sure you are making the correct connection before pushing the wire in. The push force required for making the connections on the 14 AWG solid wire I was using was very minimal and made making the connections hunched over, standing in knee-deep insulation, easy and fast.

If you have any upcoming projects that require splicing wires and you’re looking for some reliable and easy-to-use solutions that require no tools, then check out the Push Grip Wire Connector series from TE Connectivity at Digi Key.

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