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Image of GotRad's CellCracker Module
CellCracker M1 Radio

GotRad's CellCracker LTE cellular M1 radio features the Sierra Wireless HL7800 LPWA module offering best-in-class power performance for global LTE-M1 networks.

Image of E-Switch's TL6155 Series Tact Switch
TL6155 Series Right-Angle Tact Switch

E-Switch's TL6155 series tact switch provides a right-angle through-hole mounting that can withstand a reflow process.

Image of TVS VTVSxxASMF series
TVS in eSMP Packages for Engineers Only

Vishay's TVS eSMP package improves on previous Vishay TVS products in similar package types by combining ESD transient protection with a superior surge clamping capability

Image of Seek Thermal's Mosaic Starter Kit: 320 x 240 Resolution
Mosaic Starter Kit: 320 x 240 Thermal Resolution

Seek Thermal’s 320 x 240 resolution mosaic starter kit with a 4.0 mm F1.0 lens is highly versatile and designed for performance.

Image of Amphenol SV Microwave's Edge-Lock RF PCB Connectors
Edge-Lock RF PCB Connectors

Amphenol's Edge-Lock RF PCB connectors ensure a secure fit between the connector and the PCB edge for optimal RF performance.

Non-Magnetic Coaxial Cable - Alpha Wire
Non-Magnetic Coaxial Cable

Alpha Wire’s 9849 and 9851 non-magnetic coaxial cables help boost productivity, increase reliability, and achieve high levels of capabilities.

LTO150 Thick Film Resistor - Vishay Sfernice
LTO150 Thick Film Resistor

Vishay Sfernice's LTO150 is an industry first thick film resistor offering a 50% increase in power dissipation over similar TO247 packaged products.

Image of TDK Lambda's i7A Non-Isolated DCDC Converter
i7A Non-Isolated DC/DC Converters

TDK Lambda's i7A non-isolated DC/DC converters are suitable for applications including medical, communications, and more.

Image of Vishay Sfernice's CH Series Thin-Film Chip Resistors with up to 70 GHz Operating Frequency
CH Series Thin-Film Chip Resistors

Vishay's CH series resistors offer broadband performance and low parasitics.

Image of Vishay/BC Components' SMD Y1 500 VAC Safety Capacitors
SMDY1 500 VAC Safety Capacitors

Vishay offers their 500 VAC and 1500 VDC SMDY1 safety capacitors with capacitance up to 4700 pF.

Image of Omron's B5W-DB Long Distance Object Detection Sensor
B5W-DB Long-Distance Object Detection Sensor

Omron's B5W-DB long-distance object detection sensor offers increased sensing distance for object detection of up to 550 mm.

Image of Coto Technology's RedRock™ TMR Low Power Magnetic Sensor
RedRock® TMR Low-Power Magnetic Switch Sensor

Coto's RedRock TMR is an integrated digital magnetic sensor ideal for use in medical, industrial, automotive, and consumer switching applications.

Image of Amphenol ICC’s ANSI C136-41 FLB Series Bases and Domes
ANSI C136-41 FLB Series Bases and Domes

Amphenol ICC’s FLB series base assembly provides a platform for a customer-supplied PCBA providing photocell or other control functionality.

Image of Yageo's TVS Circuit Protection Components
TVS (Transient Voltage Suppressors) Circuit Protection Components

YAGEO's TVS have fast response speeds to protect sensitive electronic equipment from voltage transients induced by lightning and other transient voltage events.

Image of YAGEO's PPTC (Polymeric Positive Temperature Coefficient Thermistor) Circuit Protection Components
PPTC (Polymeric Positive Temperature Coefficient) Circuit Protection Components

YAGEO's PPTC has very low resistance under normal working status and no impact on the working circuit.