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Image of MPD's BC-2003-G-TR Gold-Plated Battery Retainer
BC-2003-G-TR Gold-Plated Lithium Battery Retainer

MPD's BC-2003-G-TR lithium battery retainer has large SMD leads to solder and is made of nickel-plated phosphor bronze covered with gold flash.

Image of Phoenix Contact's BWP 2000 Series HTML5 Web Panels
BWP 2000 Series HTML5 Web Panels

Phoenix Contact’s web panels utilize the global HTML5 communication standard, making it universally suitable to communicate with any web server.


STMicro's SensorTile includes an 80 MHz microcontroller, Bluetooth low energy connectivity, a wide range of sensors & a digital microphone to become the center of your application.

IoT Prototyping Platforms
IoT Prototyping Platforms

ON Semiconductor offers a variety of prototyping IoT platforms crossing multiple areas of the industry to help reduce time-to-market & allow rapid deployment of your products.

Image of PIC's SMD Reed Switches
SMD Reed Switches

PIC GmbH's SMD reed switches are available with or without housing and are suitable for high-volume applications.

Image of FLIR Extech's DM220 Mini Pocket Multimeter
DM220 Mini Pocket Multimeter

FLIR Extech's DM220 mini pocket multimeter has a large, high-contrast LCD display, non-contact voltage detection, and a built-in flashlight.

Image of FLIR Extech's EX810 Clamp Meter
EX810 Clamp Meter

FLIR Extech's EX810 clamp meter features a built-in IR thermometer with a laser pointer for non-contact surface measurements.

Image of Cree Woldspeed's C3M Planar MOSFET Technology
C3M™ Planar MOSFET Technology

Wolfspeed’s advanced SiC MOSFET technology is offered in low-inductance discrete packing, allowing engineers to take advantage of C3M™ planar MOSFET chips.

Image of TRACO Power's TIB-EX DIN Rail Power Supplies
TIB-EX DIN Rail Power Supplies

TRACO's DIN rail power supplies are safety qualified to UL HazLoc Class 1 Division 2 and ATEX for applications in harsh environments and hazardous locations.

Image of Abracon's Power Consumption Optimized Oscillators
AMJM/AMJD/AMPM/AMPD Series Power Consumption Optimized Oscillators

Abracon's AMJM, AMJD, AMPM, and AMPD series MEMS-based, power consumption optimized oscillators are ideal for industrial and consumer applications.

Image of Fluke's 43X Power Quality Analyzer
43X Power Quality Analyzer

Fluke's 430 series II power quality and energy analyzers offer the best in power quality analysis and can monetarily quantify energy losses.

Image of ECS ECX-1637B Quartz Crystal
ECX-1637B Quartz Crystal

ECS' ECX-1637B miniature tight stability SMD crystal is offered in a 2.0 mm x 1.6 mm x 0.45 mm industry standard ceramic package.

Image of MEAN WELL's XLG-25/50 Series LED Drivers
XLG-25/50 Series LED Drivers

MEAN WELL's XLG series of waterproof LED drivers can be used for LED bay lighting, street lighting, horticulture lighting, and floodlight applications.

Image of Bantam Tools' Desktop PCB Milling Machine Bundle
Desktop PCB Milling Machine Advanced Bundle

Bantam Tools' desktop PCB milling machine advanced bundle comes with a 2-year warranty when the required parts are purchased together.

Image of Microchip MIC28515 Switching Buck Regulators
MIC28515 Switching Buck Regulators

The MIC28515 from Microchip Technology is an adjustable frequency, synchronous buck regulator that features a unique adaptive on-time control architecture.