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Image of TE Connectivity Raychem's Cat5e High-Speed Data Cable
Cat5e Cable

TE Connectivity Raychem Cable Protection's Category 5e (Cat5e) quad high-speed data cable is ideal for railway rolling stock and infrastructure.

Image of Linear Tech's LTM4638 uModule Regulator
LTM4638 µModule Regulator

Power by Linear Technology/Analog Devices’ LTM4638 is a 20 V, 15 A step-down switching mode µModule (power module) regulator.

Motor Control Driver Eval Boards
Motor Control Driver Eval Boards

Toshiba offers a variety of Evaluation Boards for Motor Control Drivers helping provide solutions in Brushed, Stepper, and Brushless Motor designs.

Image of Broadcom's Smart Displays Parallel Interface (Semi Smart)
Semi-Smart Displays with Parallel Interface

Broadcom's solid-state semi-smart display devices are designed and tested for use in adverse industrial environments.

Image of Coto Technology's RedRock® TMR Magnetic Sensor Demo Kit
RedRock® TMR Magnetic Sensor Demo Kit

Coto's RedRock® TMR magnetic sensor demo kit evaluates the performance of sensors on the board with supplied magnets and/or other magnets.

Image of Segger's 6.90.00 emPower-USB-Host Board
6.90.00 emPower USB-Host Board

Segger Microcontroller Systems' 6.90.00 emPower-USB-Host board features two USB ports making it ideal for applications that use USB peripherals.

Image of STMicroelectronics T3035H-8 H-Series Snubberless Triacs
T3035H-8 H-Series Snubberless TRIACs

STMicroelectronics’ T3035-8 H-Series snubberless high-temperature TRIACs offer higher specified turn-off communication and noise immunity levels.

WR-WTB Wire-To-Board Connectors - Wurth Elektronik
WR-WTB Wire-To-Board Connectors

The wire-to-board connectors from Würth Elektronik are the perfect choice when a disconnectable crimp style connector is required.

SRV05-4HTG-DTVS Diode Array Low Capacitance I/O Protection - Littelfuse
TVS Diode Array 5 V 10 A Low Capacitance I/O Protection - SRV05-4HTG-D

Littelfuse integrates rail-to-rail diodes with an additional Zener diode built in to help protect I/O pins from ESD and high surge events.

Image of Nexperia 175°C Diodes and Transistors in SOT23 Package
BAS16/21 Diodes and BC807/817 Transistors

Nexperia’s SOT23-packaged family of high-performance, general-purpose transistors and switching diodes have key components specified for operation up to 175°C.

Image of Bel Magnetic Solutions 30 W and 60 W PoE MagJack® ICMs
Ethernet MagJack® 2 x1 1GBase-T 30 W and 60 W PoE ICMs

Bel’s PoE ICMs combine two RJ45 Ethernet ports with the PoE-enabled magnetics into one robust, small form factor.

Image of Cirrus Logic's CS48L32 Low Power, Front-End DSP for “Always On” Voice Processing
CS48L32 Low Power, Front-End DSP for Always-On Voice Processing

Cirrus Logic's CS48L32 combines power-optimized mic inputs with a programmable HaloCore™ to provide a platform for low power input voice processing.

Image of Nexperia Automotive Qualified N-Channel MOSFETs in LFPAK88
Automotive-Qualified N-Channel MOSFETs in LFPAK88

Nexperia’s LFPAK88 MOSFETs are available in both automotive and industrial grades.

USB Solutions
USB Solutions

Amphenol offers backwards compatible USB solutions for USB 3.1, 3.0, 2.0, and ruggedized IP-rated that comply and meet USB specifications.

Image of TE/Amp's Ethernet Jack
Ethernet Jacks and PoE

TE Connectivity's Ethernet jacks with integrated magnetics and PoE offer a highly integrated connectivity PCB solution for industrial Ethernet applications.