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Image of Analog Devices' AD242x A²B Transceiver
AD242x A²B® Transceiver

Analog Devices AD242x A²B (Automotive Audio Bus) technology provides a multichannel, I²S/TDM link over distances of up to 15 meters between nodes.

Image of Analog Devices' ADRF5046/47 and ADRF5024/25 Reflective Switches
ADRF5046/47 and ADRF5024/25 Reflective Switches

Analog Devices' ADRF5046 is a reflective, single-pole four-throw (SP4T) switch manufactured in the silicon process with low insertion loss.

Image of Vishay's Silicon PIN Photodiode
VEMD5xx0 Family of Large Area PIN Photodiodes

The AEC-Q101-qualified devices are manufactured using Vishay's foil assisted mold (FAM) technology.

Image of Stewart Connector's USB Type-C PCB Mounted Jack
Universal Serial Bus (USB) Type-C® PCB-Mounted Jacks

Stewart Connector’s USB Type-C connectors have a slim and robust design offering PCB layout savings while enabling high-frequency mating.

Image of AVX's Hi-Q® Series Capacitors
Hi-Q® Series Capacitors

AVX's Hi-Q® series high RF power MLC surface mount capacitors are designed to handle high power and high voltage levels for many applications.

Image of KEMET's HHBC Series Normal Mode Chokes
HHBC Series Normal Mode Chokes

KEMET's HHBC coils are designed with Fe-Si dust cores providing a good balance between core loss and DC superposition characteristics.

Image of KEMET's SHBC Series Normal Mode Chokes
SHBC Series Normal Mode Chokes

KEMET's SHBC series coils are designed with Fe-Si-Al dust cores characterized by low core loss and high frequency drive, useful in various fields.

Image of KNIPEX’s Self-Adjusting Crimping Pliers
Self-Adjusting Crimping Pliers

KNIPEX’s self-adjusting crimping pliers make work easier for the user with automatic adjustment to wire end sleeves for fast and reliable crimping.

Image of AVX's Accu-P® Series Capacitors
Accu-P® Series Capacitors

AVX's Accu-P® capacitors are highly pure, low-K dielectric for high breakdown field, high insulation resistance, and low losses to frequencies above 40 GHz.

Image of Wakefield-Vette's Liquid Cold Plate Connectors
Liquid Cold Plate Connectors

Wakefield-Vette's LPC Series quick disconnect couplings provide ultra-reliable, dripless connections and disconnections that protect valuable electronics.

Image of KEMET's PHBC Series Normal Mode Chokes
PHBC Series Normal Mode Chokes

KEMET's PHBC series coils are designed with Fe-Ni dust cores characterized by low core loss, high saturation magnetic flux density and good DC superposition.

Image of TE Connectivity's M12 X-Coded Ruggedized Connectors
M12 X-Coded Ruggedized Connectors

TE Connectivity’s extremely ruggedized M12 X-coded connectors are designed for field assembly in the railway industry.

Image of AKM Semiconductor's AK5704EN 32-Bit ADC with MIC-Amp
AK5704EN 32-Bit ADC with MIC Amp

AKM's AK5704 is a low-power, 4-channel 32-bit ADC with integrated low-noise microphone amplifiers and includes digital signal processing blocks.

Image of Renesas' RV1S92xxA/22xxA Creepage Photocouplers
RV1S92xxA/22xxA Creepage Photocouplers

Renesas' RV1S92xxA/22xxA photocouplers help designers reduce the mounting area while meeting UL61800-5-1 and UL61010-2-201 safety standards.

Image of Maxim’s MAX77654 Ultra-Low Power PMIC
MAX77654 Ultra-Low Power PMIC

Maxim’s MAX77654 ultra-low power PMIC with 91% efficiency and 500 mA high-power delivery can extend the battery life of portable devices by up to 20%.