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Image of Sensata - Cynergy3's FLPV Series of ATEX Float Switches
FLPV Series ATEX Float Switches

Sensata - Cynergy3's FLPV series float switches are ATEX and PED certified and are suitable for many aggressive liquids or hygienic applications.

Image of Ledex STA series Tubular Actuator
STA Series Tubular Actuator

Ledex STA series tubular actuator is well-suited for applications such as lock/latch, door interlocks, computer peripherals, and more.

Image of Molex's Micro-One Connector with Integrated ISL
Micro-One Connector with Integrated ISL

Molex's compact Micro-One wire-to-board connector with integrated ISL ensures proper terminal insertion and prevents accidental back-outs.

Image of EPCOS' B82472D6* Series Coupled Inductors
B82472D6* Series Coupled Inductors

EPCOS' B82472D6* series coupled inductors are compact, robust components and are suitable in a wide range of applications.

Image of Phoenix Contact's Single Pair Ethernet
Single Pair Ethernet Connectors

Phoenix Contact's SPE connectors are ideal when a small connection profile is needed or to easily integrate devices and simplify circuit layouts.

Image of Festo Corporation's PUN-H Tubing
PUN-H Tubing

Festo’s kink-resistant PUN-H tubing is easy to install and resistant to hydrolysis and microbes, making it perfect for use in the food industry.

Image of Microchip Technology's PAC195x Power Monitors
PAC195x Power Monitors

Microchip Technology's PAC195X devices are energy monitors, with bus voltage monitors and current sense amplifiers that feed high-resolution ADCs.

Image of ATP Industrial/Extended Temp. e.MMC BGA storage
Industrial/Extended Temperature e.MMC BGA Storage

ATP’s e.MMC BGA storage solutions have a wide temperature range, ensuring severe scenarios will not have an adverse impact on the device or the data within.

Image of ATP Industrial Temperature M.2/2.5" SATA SSDs
Industrial Temperature M.2/2.5" SATA SSDs

ATP’s solid-state drives can have a wide operating temperature, enabling them to withstand severe temperature shifts.

Image of AKM's AK09973D Ultra-Small Tri-Axis Magnetic Sensor with Digital Output
AK09973D Ultra-Small Tri-Axis Magnetic Sensor with Digital Output

AKM's AK09973D tri-axis magnetic sensor IC utilizes Hall sensor technology and a wide-range magnetic sensor to detect a large magnetic field.

Image of Taiwan Semiconductor PU1xMx/PU2xMx FREDs

Taiwan Semiconductor’s PU1xMx and PU2xMx fast recovery epitaxial diodes feature low reverse leakage, low reverse recovery charge, and low forward voltage.

Image of Taoglas’ FXUB85 5G Flexible Antenna
FXUB85 5G Flexible Antenna

Taoglas’ Pylon FXUB85 ultra-wideband flexible PCB antenna is ideal for device makers desiring easy integration, affordable cost, and excellent performance.

Image of CUI Devices Switch Solutions
Switch Solutions

CUI Devices’ line of switches are ideal for many different sizes/pitches giving customers different options for different applications.

image of CUI Devices Mini Push Button Switches
Mini Pushbutton Switches

CUI Devices’ mini pushbutton switches feature multiple circuit types and switch functions.

Image of Maxim's MAXQ1065 Ultra Low-Power Cryptographic Controller with ChipDNA™
MAXQ1065 Ultra-Low-Power Cryptographic Controller with ChipDNA™ for Embedded Devices

Maxim's MAXQ1065 ultra-low-power cryptographic controller with ChipDNA™ is ideal for cybersecurity infrastructure and connected device networks.